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'Welcome to the Neighborhood'

One of the reasons I moved to San Antonio is so I wouldn't have to spend 5 or 6-plus hours driving to a trail race. (Last year, we drove 11 hours to Tyler for a race!)

Two weekends ago was the first time since I moved here that I got to take advantage of my new proximity.

I have to admit, it was nice.

The Boys are Back in Town

Orly and Joel arrived at my place just before 9 pm on Friday, They drove up after work from the Rio Grande Valley.

I was so glad to see some familiar faces.

Within minutes of their arrival, I was laughing like I hadn't laughed in a while. They were calling each other out for farting in front of the other. Yeah, some things never change.

I fussed over them, like a good hostess, offering pillows and linens. After setting them up, we all tried to sleep: They were in the living room, and I was in my bedroom. My place has doors for each room, so I closed them off from me and my cats, so the cats wouldn't climb on them.

Gooooooooood morning, San Antonio!

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