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The Flatlander Moves to Hill Country

Three weeks ago, I moved from my beloved, flat and quirky Rio Grande Valley to the hills and urban-ness of San Antonio.

My dear friend Orly and his wife, Kathy, along with their three kids, and my great friend, Normita,  helped me move from the RGV to SA. My friend, Robert, helped on the RGV end, and Nacho (Gerry) joined us in SA.

Robert, Zee, me,Kathy, Norma, Daniel, Hannah and Orly as we get ready to pull out.
Small truck + small car = big dreams Me, Norma and my cats: Pee and Hazel (both are boys. They were traumatized for most of the last month. They have finally settled in.)

It was so nice to have great friends helping me make this transition, as it has traumatized me for months.

Saturday evening, after a long day of loading, driving and unloading my stuff, I treated the crew to supper at a nearby restaurant.

Sunday morning, most of us, minus Nacho, checked out the butt-kicker that is known as The Powerlines.

It is a 6-mile out-and-back, or whatever you can stand. We did 4 miles …

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