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'Dumbest Idea Ever,' aka Die Hard at The Powerlines

I got an email in late January with the subject line, "Dumbest Idea Ever."

I had to look.

It was from Edward Sousa, a guy whom I'd never met, but is part of San Antonio's premier trail running group, The Rockhoppers. 

He was proposing a "fatass" (trail runner-speak for self-supported) run at the end of March at this place called The Powerlines. It's this rocky, steep, hellish 3-mile-out-and-back, west of town. It's unmarked, cuts through a ritzy golf course and a bunch of neighborhoods with expensive homes. There is also a long spine of power lines along the way. Oh, and there's more than 1,300 feet of elevation gain in 6 miles.

It is a favorite spot for the hardcore trail runners in these parts.

The event would feature the following:
Die Hard - 6 hours Die harder - 12 hours Die Hardest (With a Vengeance?) - 24 hours
Essentially, you picked the amount of time you wanted and would attempt as many out-and-backs as you could within the allotted time.


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